Visiting people at Dungavel

Dungavel is the only Immigration Removal Centre in Scotland and can hold approximately 125 people.

It is located about six miles from Strathaven in South Lanarkshire and is operated by GEO on behalf of the Home Office.

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, we are currently only able to visit in a very limited form. We are continuing to adapt our our services in response to the pandamic. The paragraphs below explain how we operate in less extraordinary circumstances.

Because Dungavel is difficult to get to by public transport, we drive there. We always travel in a group of people so not every visitor needs to be a driver. Visiting in groups also means that as a new visitor, you’re always supported by our experienced team.

It takes roughly 50 minutes to get there from central Glasgow so we leave at 6pm.  Regular visits also take place from Edinburgh. Visits happen on Monday and Thursday evenings from approximately 7:00 – 8:30pm. However, you’ll only need to commit to visiting two times per month. Of course if you want to visit more, just let us know.

What to expect:

When you arrive at Dungavel you will need to do a few things to be permitted to visit people in detention. You must:

  • Show photo ID at the main gate – such as your driver’s licence.
  • Be photographed and fingerprinted electronically in reception.
  • Be searched by Dungavel staff.

The visits room is a pleasant, relaxed environment with comfy chairs where you can meet with someone one-on-one or talk to people in a friendly group, depending on what people want.

Drop-in service

We also provide a drop-in service at Dungavel on the first and third Wednesday of every month between 10:00am – 12:00pm. In the drop-in we focus on providing practical support such as ensuring people have a lawyer and directing them to appropriate organisations and services that can help them.

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