The amount doesn’t matter. What does is that you give.

As an independent charity we rely on donations to continue providing support to people being held in immigration detention. So whether it’s a one-off or a regular donation, it’s valuable and appreciated.

You can donate:

Remember to make your donation go further with Gift Aid. By selecting Gift Aid when you donate, you increase the value of your donation by a quarter at no extra cost. That’s an extra 20 pence for every £1 that you donate.

Some of the ways your contribution can make a difference:

  • £10 can buy a phone card, allowing a person to maintain contact with their family and legal representative.
  • £25 pays for transport for up to five of our volunteers to offer support to people in detention.
  • £30 could provide emergency money for someone who is being forced to leave the UK.
  • £35 pays for phone cards for one visit.
  • £135 covers the cost of visits for a week.
  • £540 pays for visits for a month.

A monthly standing order of as little as £5 can make a real difference. It would pay for:

  • Two emergency payments.
  • Travel and phone cards for one visit.
  • Phone cards for more than eight visits.

You can also donate using our 

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