Edinburgh on fire Posted September 29, 2016 by admin


In this post, Quincy reflects on the day our Life After Detention group spent at the Edinburgh Book Festival

That day, Edinburgh was on fire!

Alive with performers and the crowds there to see them.

The blue of the sky was enhanced by the glare of the sun.
We remarked on the absence of rain.

The Book Festival provided a fascinating and inspiring insight into the mountain climbing achievements of a one time refugee, which peaked at seven summits across the world, including Everest.

Writers told their stories of the sad plight of the citizens of Syria

The next day, glass of wine in hand, I reflected on the day previous. Gentle rain caressed the window panes and refreshed the grass outside.

I appreciated that the skies above me brought life-giving rain, not life destroying bombs and mortar.
That the “fire” I felt in Edinburgh was not that destroying homes and communities .

Let it rain, let it rain, I thought to myself .
I savoured every drop – and that of the wine too.

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