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On Tuesday 19 September, a Chinese man was found dead at Dungavel. On the same day, a man detained with him wrote an email about the death to Home Secretary Amber Rudd. TK shared his email with SDV and wanted us to publish it on our website.

Dear Amber Rudd

I am TK. I am in Dungavel detention centre. The reason I am writing this email is that today I heard a bad news that one of the detainees has died in the detention centre. It hurts me a lot with this news. I am kindly requesting you please release all the detainees who are suffering with the severe medical problems.

In last week, I had seen an old couple, both are over the age of 60. The woman is in a wheelchair and her eyesight is not good. Please respect the human beings. This is not the way to deal with them. Please think before you make a decision where you see a human being has been suffering from medical problems.

You are doing your work. Rule is same for all. If a person loses his life then what are the rules for? Rules are meant to keep people safe. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

I am not asking you to release me from the detention centre. I am asking to please change the rules for the women, disabled people and people with mental health problems. This is not at all fair.



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