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Over three quarters of people leaving Dungavel are released back into the community. SDV’s Life After Detention project works with some of them to enable peer support and to facilitate creative work. Here Ali, a Syrian who was detained for five weeks on his arrival in the UK, reflects on what he’s left behind.


Missing somebody is something very sad in my life. I miss some people who are very close to me.

I miss my brother who was two years older than me. He was killed by the regime in 2013. He was a great man. My brother and I helped the fleeing peaceful citizens in Syria who ran from the war.

I also miss my jailmates who passed away in front of my eyes. They were in need of simple medication.

I also miss my wife, who is still living in an unstable area in Syria. I really need her because she can help me to make a new life here in Scotland

I miss my childhood friends, neighbours, my land, Syria, and my parents.

I miss the air, the water, the moments of happiness in Syria.

I am missing…’

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