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In this brief blog, we suggest a simple action you can take to raise the profile of immigration detention during the election campaign

It’s general election time and we hope everyone is planning on contacting the local candidates canvassing for your vote to find out their position on detention. The names and contact details of candidates can be found by entering your postcode here, and we have prepared a brief template to help.

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Dear [candidate’s name]

I am considering how to cast my vote in the forthcoming general election and one of the issues that will influence my vote is candidates’ positions on immigration detention

The UK locks up around 24,700 people every year for immigration purposes and is the only country in Europe to detain people without a time limit. This means people in immigration detention have no idea when they will be released. Immigration detention can be deeply damaging for people’s mental health, can make it impossible for people to maintain family relationships, and has been described as “expensive, ineffective and unjust”.

As a parliamentary candidate, will you support the campaign to introduce a 28 day time limit on immigration detention and introduce a range of community-based alternatives to detention?

Yours faithfully

Do personalise your email, perhaps by saying why this issue is important to you. If you get a response, you may want to publicise it on social media. If you do, feel free to tag SDV!

Happy writing!

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