Drowning in Limbo Posted April 12, 2016 by admin


In this new post we share a poem from another member of our Life After Detention group, Gry Turin, who like most people who’ve been detained is still affected by detention: still uncertain, still submerged, still confined

Heart racing
Feel my stomach churn
waking up in hot sweats
Last words will I ever learn
Dream about my own death
Get caught
In my own mess
Started off with more
Ended up wit less
Now I’m goin extra hard
Tryna make it back
Tell me how u spose to reach
Wit ur hands behind your back
Play da race card
Maybe back it up wit facts
Coz of skin colour
Wound up wid n unfair hand
From a fixed deck
I was tryna shoot a fair game
Hold up wait a sec
No complaints
Under pressure know I’ll still bet
Eyes adjusted to the dark
I don’t need a light
So many wrongs in my past
I don’t remember rights
Don’t remember much
I jus remember nights
When I got my feelings crushed
Concerned about my well being
This when I start to lie
Souls bleeding in the inside
But I’ll say I’m alright
Like it don’t bother me
I’m jus dealing with the pressures of this life,
Turned reclusive on my family
Friends disappeared
ex left said she don’t understand me
She said bonyeka turns into Sean
Sean turns into Gry
That’s when them dark thoughts start to penetrate your mind
I talk you off the edge
Jus to see you climb
That’s when I start to shout
Like try standing up on one leg
In the same spot for hours
Coz that’s exactly how it feels
Tryna put on a brave face when you know you’re a coward
Stuck In the limbo
Evading questions acting stupid like a bimbo
Killed my pride
So ashamed
Can’t even look the mirror in the eyes

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